Road show reaches all interested in investing


Pörssi-iltaThe Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion has arranged road shows of Investment Evenings for 15 years to promote share ownership among Finnish people.

The Investment Evenings (Pörssi-illat) provide listeners with current information on the prospects of the economy as well as Finnish listed companies, from a shareholder’s point of view. The objective of the events is to promote Finnish share ownership, as private persons are an important owner sector of Finnish listed companies.

Everyone interested in information on investing is welcome to take part in the evenings, free of charge.

For the companies listed on the Helsinki Exchange, the evening is an opportunity to present themselves to an audience interested in share ownership or investment. Three or four companies are represented in every one of the evenings. Each company’s top management is present to tell the listeners about their company’s operations as well as to answer questions from the audience. In addition, the program includes a current word from an economist.

Road shows twice a year

The Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion arranges the road show of Investment Evenings every spring and fall, in several cities around Finland. The Foundation chooses the cities depending on the interest from the companies taking part.

The evenings are held in November as well as March-April time. The evenings usually start at 5 or 5.30 p.m., and the program is some 3 hours long.

The Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion arranges the program for the events and guest speakers without making any statement about the companies as investment objects. Cooperation partners include chambers of commerce, shareholders’ associations as well as banks and other investment service providers.

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