Brussels declaration on economic education


The members of the European Association for Share Promotion (EASP) and its member associations have prepared the following Declaration.

1. Economic education is an integral element of basic education. It is an essential requirement for every citizen who wants to lead a self-reliant and fulfilled life.

2. Economic education aims to convey knowledge, skills and attitudes, which should enable people to deal with economic aspects of daily life on a personal and operational level and to enable them to master and shape their lives.

3. Economic education is a precondition for the understanding of the functions of society as a whole, market based economies and their institutonal order.

4. Economic education covers many more subjects than financial investment. It leads to an under-standing of all economic interdependencies relevant to everyday life.

5. Economic education includes social, political, legal, technical, ecological, and ethical dimensions of economic action.

6. Economic education needs to be regarded as an essential part of the school curriculum. It should be taught as a stand-alone subject to prepare children for adult life and teachers should be quali-fied professionally.

The European Association for Share Promotion and its member associations appeal to all responsible national parliaments and governments to initiate the necessary steps to introduce a school subject, “Economy”. It must reach every pupil and give every European citizen a basic economic education , enabling them to shape their lives independently.

COPENHAGEN – Danish Shareholders Association
FRANKFURT – Deutsches Aktieninstitut e.V.
HELSINKI – Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion (Pörssisäätiö, Börsstiftelsen)
OSLO – AksjeNorge (Norwegian Association for Share Promotion)
PARIS – Fédération Française des Clubs d’Investissement (FFCI)
VIENNA – Aktienforum Österreichischer Verband für Aktien-Emittenten und -Inv.
ZURICH – Swiss Capital

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