The Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion


Who we are

The Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion is an independent, non-profit organization. It is fully funded by the rental of the Helsinki Stock Exchange building, which it owns. The purpose of the Foundation is to encourage wider share ownership and generally lend support to the capital market in Finland.

Main purpose

  • to assist the Finnish Market and the financial community in providing all its users with the  most favourable environment
  • to facilitate the access to risk capital to all enterprises
  • to ensure that investors benefit from a high level of services and a large variety of opportunities
  • to improve financial knowledge among society at large

How we do it

  • The Foundation provides comprehensive information on investing through a great variety of means:


  • Booklets and guides for private investors and for educational purposes


  • Information on current topics, tools and guides

Research and surveys

  • Initiating, coordinating and financing research


  • Organizing two annual roadshows for private investors, seminars and presentations


  • For postgraduate stock market related studies
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