History of the Finnish stock market


The Helsinki Stock Exchange dates back over 90 years. Today the exchange is part of the NASDAQ OMX Exchanges.

The Helsinki Stock Exchange was founded in 1912. There had been stock exchange activity in Helsinki since the 1860s, but it lacked proper organization and regulation. On April 25, 1912 the governor of Uusimaa province ratified the rules of the stock exchange.

NASDAQ OMX was formed when OMX, which operated the stock exchanges in the Nordic and Baltic countries, merged with the American technology stock exchange NASDAQ in 2007.

The last three years have seen several stock exchange mergers. In December 1997, the cash and derivatives marketplace of the Helsinki Stock Exchange and SOM merged to become Helsinki Exchanges, and in 1998 Helsinki Exchanges and the Central Securities Depository (APK) merged to form the HEX Group.

During 2001 and 2002, HEX became the majority shareholder of the TSE Group, which consists of the Tallinn Exchange, the Estonian Securities Depository and the Riga Stock Exchange – the sole shareholder of the Latvian Securities Depository (LCD).

In 2003, OM – the parent company of the Stockholm Stock Exchange – bought HEX, and the stock exchange operators merged. In addition to that, the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and the Iceland Stock Exchange became part of OMX in 2006.

Today NASDAQ OMX owns and operates stock exchanges in the United States and Europe, including the Nordic and Baltic countries. In addition, NASDAQ OMX technology supports the operations of over 70 stock exchanges, clearing organizations and stock market centers in over 50 countries.

At the end of 2009, NASDAQ OMX Helsinki had 129 companies listed with a total market value of EUR 141 billion. More than 100 information vendors sell and distribute market information worldwide.

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