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The scholarships granted by the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion are mainly awarded for postgraduate studies, research related to stock markets and for continuous education. The application period for the scholarships ends on 15th of March.

Mela insurance for recipients of grants or scholarships

The Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution Mela is responsible for the statutory pension (MYEL) and occupational accident insurance (MATA) of the persons who have a grant or a scholarship and who have to be insured in Finland as of the beginning of 2009. This insurance is mandatory.

The insurance secure, for the work on grant or scholarship, offered by Mela is available also for the foreign recipients of grants or scholarships if they are covered by the Finnish social security. This insurance cover is mandatory and all recipients of this insurance must be active in the application process.

For further information on the insurance for grant and scholarship recipients, please refer to, telephone + 358 20 630 0500, e-mail address:

More information on the scholarships can be obtained from Nina Tallberg, the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion, tel. +358 10820 7502.

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