Best Investor Pages


Best investor pages is an annual competition arranged by the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion and the Finnish Society of Financial Analysts that aims to improve the investor communications of companies listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

The competition assesses the Finnish-language investor websites of all Finnish listed companies in four categories: large cap, mid cap, small cap and First North.

The competition jury examines five aspects of the websites:

– usability and visual appearance
– strategy, growth and profitability
– financial targets and historical performance
– use of capital and description of operational risks
– corporate governance and sustainability.

All the investor pages are carefully studied and ranked according the criteria of the year. The information has to be found easily, fast, logically and in Finnish language.

In the past few years, the competition jury has praised the quality of the best Finnish investor websites, especially in the large cap category, noting it has been very high even in international comparison.

– The investor website is one of the main channels for investors to obtain information to support their investment decisions. Almost 900,000 Finns hold listed shares and they need clear communication from the companies, says Sari Lounasmeri, chair of the jury.

In 2020 the winners of the different categories were:
Large cap: Valmet
Mid cap: Finnair
Small cap: Exel Composites
First North: Fodelia

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