Bourse Ambassadors


Bourse Ambassadors are boys and girls of the age 15-18, educated by the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion. They are upper secondary school or vocational school students, who visit lower secondary schools (most often 9th grades) in order to teach about managing your own finances, saving, investing and stock exchange operations. The training is in Finnish language!

As a Bourse Ambassador you get:

  • Education about economy, saving and investing from our top experts. We teach you everything you need to give a presentation at school on these matters.
  • You make new friends who share your interests and will be part of our Ambassador community.
  • You meet financial professionals and participate Ambassadors’ events.
  • You learn important skills for your future.
  • You get a certificate for your participation. Your school might also credit you for this!
  • You are doing an important job by improving financial literacy amongst young people and inspiring them to smart use of money.

As an experienced Ambassador of at least 17 years of age, you can apply for our tutor training. Tutors assist young Ambassadors to get started, get more responsibilities and get to do new things. After you turn 20, you become part of our alumni community.

Bourse Ambassadors is a voluntary program founded by the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion, which is an impartial nonprofit organisation. Its goal is to promote securities investment and the securities market in Finland.

Bourse Ambassadors – Financial literacy from the young to the young

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