Educational Path to Investing


The Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion organises an educational path for those interested in investing. It starts with lower secondary school students and continues to events organised for more experienced investors. All the events are only in Finnish language and free of charge!

Moneymaster (Taloussankari) mobile game is targeted at 7th–9th graders. Players learn about saving, investing and managing their own finances. The game can also be played during lessons under the tuition of teachers. It is available in English at

Bourse Ambassadors (Pörssilähettiläät) are boys and girls of the age 15-18, educated by the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion. They are upper secondary school or vocational school students, who visit lower secondary schools (most often 9th grades) in order to teach about managing your own finances, saving, investing and stock exchange operations. Read more here.

Bourse Clubs (Pörssikerho) are targeting college and university level students, who have no previous knowledge of investing. Many of our first Bourse Ambassadors have proceeded with their studies to college / university level and continued their work as ambassadors there. These clubs offer a starter’s package once or twice a year. After that the members can participate monthly meetings or take part in Investors’ Evenings. Find the dates here.

Investors’ day for students  (Opiskelijoiden pörssipäivä) is organised twice a year. It’s an event where teachers can bring their students to learn about the stock markets, ownership andstock exchange operations. Now these events are organised as webinars. Watch the recording of the latest event on our YouTube channel.

Investors’ School (Sijoituskoulu) gives you an efficient start to investing in shares. It also gives useful information for more advanced investors. Investors’ School teaches you how to get started, how to pick the investment target, how to make responsible investments and how to buy your first shares. The eight lessons include both text and video material and concrete examples. In addition to these, you might want to join our Investors’ School webinar, which is organised twice a year. Watch the recording on our YouTube channel.

Investors’ Evenings (Pörssi-ilta) are organised every spring and autumn. Anyone who is interested in investment is welcome to join us. Investors’ Evenings are organised for private persons so that they can learn about Finnish economy and listed companies. During each event, three or four listed companies present their operations and other areas of interest to prospective investors. Each speaker is either the CEO or a senior manager of the company. In addition, an economist or other expert usually speaks about current economic situation and market prospects.

Read more here.

Getting to know the economy (Talous tutuksi) is a series of seminars aimed at social studies teachers. They consist of topical talks on the various areas of the economy. These seminars are organised together with The Association for Teachers of History and Social Studies in Finland, Finnish National Agency for Education’s (EDUFI), Bank of Finland, Economy and youth TAT and Finance Finland.

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