Investors´ Evenings

The Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion regularly organises Investors´ Evenings that are popular with private investors. If you have yet to participate, you can find some basic information below.

What are the Investors´ Evenings about?

Investors´ Evenings are organised for private persons so that they can learn about Finnish economy and listed companies.

During each event, three or four listed companies present their operations and other areas of interest to prospective investors. Each speaker is either the CEO or a senior manager of the company.

In addition, an economist or other expert usually speaks about current economic situation and market prospects.

Who are Investors´ Evenings for?

The events are open to everyone. You can attend free of charge, but advance registration is required for each Investors´ Evening.

When do Investors´ Evenings take place?

The Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion organises Investors´ Evenings with local partners twice a year: in March-April and October-November.

What is the duration of an Investors´ Evening?

The event will take from two to three hours, including a coffee break.

What do I need to do to attend an Investors´ Evening?

Advance registration is required. Seats are reserved in the order of registration, and in many cities, Investors´ Evenings are fully booked before the registration deadline.

You can register by phone or email. Event-specific information will be available on the Foundation website about one month in advance.

How do you select the companies to speak at Investors´ Evenings?

The Foundation invites companies that are listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange to make presentations at Investors´ Evenings.

If you work for a listed company that has interesting news to share, please contact the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion.

Where are Investors´ Evenings organised?

Investors´ Evenings take place in the spring and in the autumn in the following cities: Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Turku and Oulu.

In 2020 due to the Covid pandemia, we have organised the Investors’ Evenings by live video connection that can be followed on YouTube.

Why does the Foundation organise Investors´ Evenings?

The Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion promotes share ownership and supports the securities market.  Investors´ Evenings are organised to share current information on investing with private persons, and to provide listed companies an opportunity to meet private investors.