Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion

Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion is a non-profit expert organization that promotes everyone’s opportunities to invest in shares, accumulate wealth and influence society as an owner. Foundation was founded in 1985.

Staff of Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion in winter 2023.

We offer information, courses, and insights on managing personal financial affairs and long-term stock investing. We believe that over time, every Finn can become an owner.

Almost a million Finns already invest in stocks, which is a high proportion of the population in European comparison. For this we can thank, for example, the development and implementation of a new type of account in 2020 that makes investing and related taxation easier.

Our most inventive activities include the youth volunteer program, where we train under 20-year-olds to teach other young people how to invest. Every spring and autumn we organize popular Investors´ Evenings where Finnish listed companies are presented as investment targets.

In addition, we comprehensively produce all kinds of guides, content, and events, which help Finns improve their financial literacy and make investing more common in Finland. We are responsible for organizing the international Family Money Week and Finance Week in Finland, which both aim to improve citizens’ financial skills.

Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion promotes the understanding and appreciation of the ownership role of private individuals in society. We influence the regulation of investment products, financial education, and capital markets both in Finland and in European level as well. CEO Sari Lounasmeri is active as a member of the European Securities Market Authority ESMA’s Stakeholder Group and the European Commission’s Financial Services User Group FSUG.

Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion acts independently and impartially. We finance our operations with the rental income from the historical Stock Exchange House in Helsinki we own. Our operations are guided by our strategies and values: neutrality, courage, fact-basedness and succeeding together. We are also committed to acting responsibly.

We are happy to provide more information about our activities and views. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

CEO Sari Lounasmeri, sari.lounasmeri (a)